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MRX MMA Womens Fight Gloves Grappling Boxing Training Cage Fight

MRX MMA Womens Fight Gloves Grappling Boxing Training Cage Fight

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Looking for a better way to protect your hands during your MMA training? Now there’s a superior solution on the market that is specifically designed to help you maximize your workout and training. We constructed our cowhide leather grappling gloves with safety, durability, and versatility as our primary focus. This means that when you step into the cage equipped with these gloves, you’re choosing to equip yourself with the gear that’s going to make a difference. It doesn’t matter if your training gym is away or at home, you want to have these gloves as part of your gear! With strength-tested straps and an incredible grip, you can keep your hands safe even while you practice your boxing and fighting technique. These new gloves are a great accessory to have if you’re involved in any kind of UFC boxing, MMA training, or heavy cross-training. We understand that hands come in all sizes, so we have 5 different sizes for you to choose from, ranging from small to double extra large. We also include a sizing guide you can judge what size glove will work best for you. Please take the time to look at this sizing guide because having a glove that fits well is a crucial part of keeping your hands safe during your workout. To add some customization to your apparel, these gloves come in several strong colors for ladies, so your equipment can be as bold as you are. Buy these gloves as a gift for your family members or friends who are into MMA and need some extra gear! At MRX, we understand what it feels like to go the extra mile, both in working out and in creating a product that will be perfect for our customers. When you choose to buy our product, you’re choosing to equip yourself with quality gear that will help you make the most out of every single punch thrown!

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