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MRX Men’s Sparring Gloves 7 oz 2524-S-M

MRX Men’s Sparring Gloves 7 oz 2524-S-M

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MRX MMA Professional Protective Grappling Gloves 7oz Muay Thai Training Kickboxing Punching Sparring Sports.

The durably designed gloves are made to protect the athletes and the fighters from any sort of injury they can possibly face during combat or while a cage fighting. They provide a layer of protection to the hands and fingers of the athlete and are highly shock-absorbent as well. They diminish the impact of the hit so that the athlete doesn’t get an impact from the hit. The gloves are lightweight and provide strong punching power. The material from which the gloves are designed is synthetic leather which ensures its durability. Synthetic leather ensures the gloves don’t face any fading or stain or any other potential issue. The gloves are anti-stain resistant. We are sure you will find the gloves more than what you are expecting and they will fulfill your needs.

No additional care is required by these gloves just the normal care which can be easily taken. You don’t need much effort to wash the item as well as this is easy machine washable. The ordinary care of any item is needed for these gloves. If you have been looking for the best companion while you are training and you need durable gloves to protect you, you are at the right place! Make sure you leave a review after buying our product as it motivates us for further improvement.

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