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MRX Kids Boxing Gloves 6 Oz With Filled Punching Bag Boy Girls gift

MRX Kids Boxing Gloves 6 Oz With Filled Punching Bag Boy Girls gift

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Kids Boxing Gloves Set Junior Punching Bag Mitts Muay thai Training Sparring MMA

  • HEALTH & SELF CONFIDENCE | MRX Kids Punching Bag Gloves Are Great Sport To Increase Kid’s Immunity. Use MRX Kids MMA Gloves To Train With Kids Punching Bag Which Greatly Increases The Self Confidence Of Your Child.

  • PUNCHING BAG MATERIAL | The Punching Bag is made of Heavy Nylon Cloth Black with Red Printing and is filled with fabric scraps that absorb punches well. The punching bag has Nylon Handles, so you can easily hang up.

  • BOXING GLOVES MATERIAL | The Boxing Gloves in 6oz are made of Black PU Synthetic Leather with Red Printing, has a nice fit, and protects your hands and knuckles very well.

  • COMFORTABLE & PROTECTIVE GLOVES |These gloves give you not only upgraded protection but also more elasticity that helps kids to throw faster and more powerful punches.

  • ALL PURPOSE |The punch bag is functional for young fighters to raise their strength. Can help them in everyday practice and exercise. It comes in Kids size 18 Inches length of the bag also fulfills the requirement of a young boxer. The MRX bag will satisfy your kids and help to enhance their performance of workouts.
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