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MRX Boxing Kickboxing MMA Head Guard Protective Gear

MRX Boxing Kickboxing MMA Head Guard Protective Gear

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The MRX headgear combat head guard is a versatile piece of protective equipment that is designed for maximum protection, versatility, and long-lasting. Coupled with the sleek design these head guards are designed to protect the athlete and fighters while they are in a cage or in a combat fighting their opponent. These head guards make sure that you don’t face any potential injury while training or fighting. The head guards diminish the shock impact as well.

Head guards are designed by synthetic leather and are also gripping so you don’t face any hurdle. They cover all the areas of your face and especially all the vulnerable areas that might get damaged during combat. Covering your ear, chin, forehead, face, and head and providing you the ultimate protection which an athlete and a fighter need in the cage while he fights his opponent.

Synthetic leather ensures the durability of the item and provides extra security. You don’t need any extra care or any other precautions, just the ordinary easy care like you do for any other item and you are good to go. The item is stain resistant as well as fade resistant. The colors on the synthetic leather are molded and printed so that they won’t remove.

  • 【Durable】: The premium head guard is made up of Synthetic leather which ensures the durability of the item. The headgear is designed to keep perfection, your ease & your safety in mind and is the best headgear you can get for yourself. Our products are made keeping while excellence & your protection as a top priority. Suitable for Men and Women.
  • 【Shock Absorbent】: MRX Headgear provides full coverage of the face and is designed for use in any striking art, the headgear is highly shock-absorbent & no one can compete it when it comes to absorbing the shock you can potentially face while in the boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing or MMAcage fighting your opponent or while training. Feel safe while wearing our headgear as this is the ultimate protection for you. The most safe& durable helmet for your training.
  • 【Thick Layers & Extra Padded】: Thick layers of synthetic leather are added for your extra security. The lightweight item makes sure that nothing can stop you from sparring your opponent while in the cage. No hurdles for you and you can wear this safely Multi-layered and shock absorbing inner foam over cheeks, ears, forehead, and chin and back of the head is there to protect you from punches and kicks of your opponent.
  • 【Fully Protective】: The Headgear fully covers all the areas of your head and face so you can feel safe while in a cage fighting your opponent and headgear is there to protect you. The headgear covers all your vulnerable areas like ears, forehead, chin & face resulting in an ultimate all in one protection for your face & head. So if you are in a cage and you think that you might get some damage to your head, wear our headgear and feel safe inside while fighting.
  • 【Sweat Resistant & Sizes】: Our headgear has one more important feature that it is highly sweat-resistant. So don't worry that you may need to stand back and adjust while in the cage. The sweat resistance ability of this headgear keeps the headgear at a place and won't hold you from punching your opponent! There are two sizes available of this headgear: S/M & L/XL.
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