Weight Lifting Gloves

These gloves help you protect your hands from getting blisters while working out.

Weight Lifting Wraps

Always protect your knees, elbow and wrist with wraps to avoid any kind of injury especially during hardcore workout.

Weight Lifting Belt

To protect and support your lower back this belt is best, especially during heavy squats.

Grip Pads

These straps help you develop a good grip around dumbbells or barbells, but overuse of these straps can weaken the forearm muscles.

Gym Chalks

Chalks are used to dry your sweaty hands.

The Barbell

 It’s a 4 and 7 feet long iron bars on which weight plates are placed.


 A short barbell, usually 10 - 15 inches long. Dumbbells usually range from 5 lbs. - 100+ lbs, in increments of 5 lbs.

The EZ Curl Bar

This bar is shorter than a barbell and has angled hand placements. This is good for working the biceps and triceps.

Gym Benches

Very common gym equipment is bench that can be flat, incline and decline according to exercise requirement.

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The Arm blaster

It is a two foot long, 6 inch wide, flat, curved metal bar with a strap behind your neck.

Leg Press Machines

Leg press machines are best for leg press exercises. These machines help you lift heavy weights in a much safer mood, without stressing much your lower back and knees.

Calf Machines

The standing calf raise machine works for upper calf muscles while seated calf raise is best for lower muscles.

Lat Pull down Machine

This machine helps you lift your body weight. This machine is the best alternative for those who are not good with chin up exercises.

Pec deck Machine

This machine is best for toning and firming your chest muscles. It greatly helps you build up your pecs and shape your body.

Hack Squat Machine

This machine helps you develop the outer sweep of the thighs and lower body muscles.