Fitness is something we all are looking up to. All we need is a fit mind and healthy body. Routine exercises helps in remaining healthy and fit throughout your life. Men and women are focusing on this aspect for years because a lower fitness level has been stated as major cause of many health problems.

Many of us think that walking into gym and working out regularly will help us to get proper results within days, but the fact is something else. There are number of possible errors you may screw yourself in the workout process. With so much equipment to use in a gym, you mostly lost in maintaining a routine workout plan and end up making mistakes.

To save your time, get faster results and making your workouts more effective, you need to avoid these common mistakes.

1: Waiting for Equipment

During peak hours gym lines usually gets long so the best option is to go to gym during off-hours either early morning or after 7 p.m. But if you are in gym in busy hours you shouldn't have to stall your routine workout in order to wait for your equipment. Always have alternative plans in your mind in case you see your equipment is used by someone else. You will stay moving instead of wasting your time in waiting.

2: Skipping the Initial Warm UP

Skipping the initial warm up can result in injuries if you are into heavy workouts. So always have a dedicated time for warm up which involves body weight exercises, i.e. lunges, squats, push-ups and jumping jacks to maintain your heart beat before going to weights. No matter how short time you are going to spend in gym, always include this small warm up in your gym workout.

3: Going into Gym Without a Workout Plan

If you are walking into gym without a workout plan then it’s like you are into grocery store without a shopping list. This will make you spend more time in the gym by randomly doing different steps. Always include the exercise plan, sets, and reps and order so that you never waste time in thinking. If you are with your buddy then share your workout plan with your partner so that you can help each other in executing the workout plan.

4: Always using the same Machines, Sets and Reps

Using same routine every day will make you bored soon. So you should change your workout routine every few weeks by shifting the exercises or changing the number of sets and reps. Always use a workout log to maintain a track record of your fitness exercise and what is best for your body fitness.

5: Forgetting your Water Bottle

Although this looks a minor point but if you always leave your water bottle in home then you have to go towards water tap between the sets. This will waste your time in between exercises. So always come to gym with your own water bottle.

6: Setting your back to Bench-Press Improperly

Benching on flat back and elbows flared at 90 degree can hurt your shoulders very badly. The best way is to pull your shoulder blades together down and arch your back. Tuck your elbows near your sides as you lower the bar, and drive your feet into the floor as you press.

7: Doing the Wrong Super-Sets

Pull-ups and dead-lifts are great for back building, but if you pair them together then they will weaken your grip resulting in the decrease of your performance in other sets. Always avoid pairing ab workout with heavy compound lifts, because it will fatigue your core and your chances of injury will increase.


Real strength goes far beyond what you can achieve physically. One of the best benefits of gym workout and strength training is that the confidence and strength you build in gym goes on with you in other areas of your life. Always try avoiding these common mistakes and learn from your mistakes to do better in future.

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