1.Proper Sleep

Always take a regular and proper sleep before you start body building or gym workout.

2.Healthy Diet

Intake of healthy and nutritious food is very important.

3.Set Goals

Set some goals in your mind before you go to the gym.

4.Wear Sweats

Wear sweats while you start your workout.

5.Try to work out after Breakfast

60-90 minutes after breakfast is the best time to workout.

6.Start with basic Exercises

For the first two weeks, go for dumbbells, push ups and underhand grip bent-over rows.

7.Keep yourself Hydrated

As muscles are mostly made up of water so drink a lot of water.

8.Avoid Smoking

If you really want to build your muscles you have to avoid smoking.

9.Stay Committed

Always stay committed to your goals and train your mind along with your body.

10.Follow your Instructor

Always start with a clear instruction of your trainer.

11.Keep two Towels

Keep two towels with you, one for the shower after a workout and the other for soaking the sweat.

12.Start with a small Weight

To build a momentum always start with a small weight.

13.Take a Pause

Take a pause for at least one second before lifting a weight.

14.Go for Multijoint Exercises

Choose solid multijoint exercises that are best for growth.

15.Constantly change your bodybuilding Exercise

If you do the same workout for too long, then its worth and benefit will decrease.

16.Change your body building Equipments

Keep changing your bodybuilding gloves and accessoriesbody building equipment and products.

17.Avoid Overtraining

Always give your muscles a pause and let them recover again.

18.Use a safety Belt

Use a safety belt for your lower back protection.

19.Keep the set Going

Maintain enough momentum and keep the set going.

20.Do the same movement in different Ways

Stimulate your muscles with the same movement in a different and efficient way.

21.Make Your Weakness Your Priority

Prioritize your weaknesses and work out to cover them. Don't forget to check daily deals on MRX Shop and also different discounts available for fitness products and mma gear. For MMA DVDs and Videos.