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MRX Products Inc. is a leading USA based, high-quality brand name offering
innovative and functional products exclusively developed for
boxing and strength training.

Step into the cage with MRX products, the home of MMA and Fitness Gear. Whether you are a seasoned MMA pro, beginner or just fan of the sport, the right MMA gear is indispensable for training and competition. MRX Products Inc. is a mixed martial art manufacturer and wholesaler offering full selection of MMA gear, fitness gear and Gloves, all you need to get into shape.

Our MMA training gear and equipments designed to give maximum protection when you hit the gym ranging from MMA apparel to boxing gloves, head guards, mouth guards, MMA grappling gloves, hand wraps, shin protectors, groin guards and much more. Improve strength and endurance with our fitness and weight lifting gloves, weight lifting belts, weight lifting straps, fitness wrist wraps and accessories.
Our top quality range of focus pads, kick pads, karate mitts and bag mitt help you in improving power, speed and reflexes. In addition, we also offer exclusive selection of belts for power lifting invaluable in developing top fighting skills.

At MRX Products Inc.

we work hard to offer you the best of EVERYTHING. Get top industry standard equipments to train like a pro. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Pick the right gear and Perform at your peek.
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